Malted Carob (1kg)


The ultimate hot Chocolate alternative.

This is a powdered “Just add hot water” drink that has no dairy, wheat, cane sugar or caffeine. Mary-Ann designed this to replace hot chocolate and she still enjoys a cup regularly.

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Ingredients: Barley malt powder, Carob powder, Fructose (the good kind not the bad high fructose corn syrup), Vanilla powder.

  • Add 2-4 tsp. to a mug of boiling water – drink as is or top with cashew cream, frothed soy or rice milk
  • Serve iced in summer and make ice-cream below 
  • Malted Carob Ice cream
  • 2-4 cups coconut milk
  • half to 1 cup Raw honey
  • half to 1 cup Mary-Ann’s Malted Carob

Blend well and freeze – when frozen blend again and freeze again – repeat again if not smooth enough


Weight 1 kg


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